Alkaline Water Ionizer By ManNature

Alkaline Water lonizer By ManNature

There is a automatic cleaning system (Self Cleaning). The PH value is between 2.5 to 11.2 and the ORP value is between +500 mv to -800 mv.

There is a box containing minerals on the top of the machine. To be used to fill various kinds of minerals as needed

Use SMPS power from 110V to 240V according to international standards With high security


Name : EHM-929

Weight : 10 Kg

Size : 280 X 175 X 380 mm.

The ability of the filter to filter water continuously : 10,000 L

Water filtration rate : 1 - 4 L/min

PH value of filtered water: 2.5 to 11.2

How to use it


Maintain the device

1.When using the alkaline water filter is

 1.1 Open the alkaline water filter first and then turn on the water

 1.2 After every use Please press the Purifild Water button and release the water for 5 - 15 seconds and then turn off the water. Wait for the water to stop flowing. And the screen returns to dark blue And then close the device

 1.3 After 3 days of use, press the Acid water button on the red screen and leave the water for about 3 minutes.

 1.4 After 1 week of use, press the Cleaning button at least 1 time per week.

 1.5 Every step after use, turn off the water completely before turning off the power every time.

2.Cleaning the basic machine

 2.1 After being used for a while To remove the filter, clean it up. Open the filter cover on the left side of the machine.

And then remove the two filters by using the pliers in the equipment box Then twisting counterclockwise When the filter is removed

Come and overturn the filter cartridge Use the palm of the hand to knock out the filter element in the black bars.

Clean with water Do not use any chemicals at all.

 2.2 And then assembling it back by putting the green filter on the inside and the blue body on the outside

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